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Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and Academics via TeleTherapy or Face-to-Face Interaction

Presenter: Timothy P. Kowalski, MA, CCC-SLP

Date/Time: Check out the recorded webinar!

Location:  Live, recorded webinar

These are unprecedented times for everyone as we try to adjust to the “new normal” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools across the country are shut down and education is now being accomplished on-line. This poses additional challenges to those students with exceptionality. How do we assure they are not being left behind in this process?  Having a student with Asperger syndrome/High Functioning Autism (AS/hfASD) in the classroom presents serious challenges that many educators are not equipped to handle. Now we are asked to support these students using this new service delivery model? How do we assure they are able to achieve the goals defined in their IEPs or 504s?  


Having provided teletherapy for years to clients throughout the world, Timothy Kowalski is now shifting his practice to a predominately teletherapy model to meet the challenges demanded of us all.  This presentation will discuss how to incorporate teletherapy to meet the needs of these students. It will discuss the academic skills and deficits frequently associated with AS/hfASD.  Participants will learn a variety of behavioral supports designed to enhance the child’s ability to initiate work assignments, increase motivation, decrease distraction, compensate for gross and fine motor deficits, adapt the curriculum, modify academics, and increase cognitive processing. By employing these techniques, educators will learn how to defuse power struggles frequently seen in the academic environment and implement procedures shown to benefit all.

Price: $25.00

CPE Hours: 2.0

CE Provider:  Reading with TLC

Registration:  CLICK HERE to register online.

Demystifying Dyslexia Intervention

Presenter: Andrea Hanson, M.S., CCC-SLP, CALT

Date/Time: On-Demand Two-Part Webinar

Speech-Language Pathologists are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia in both public schools and private practice. These continuing education activities are designed to give a basic educational overview on dyslexia. The myths and facts, definition of dyslexia and a brief historical frame of reference on dyslexia will lay a foundation for the day. In addition, evaluation instruments will be discussed. Tests that assess reading skills such as: decoding, spelling, reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary will be presented. Billable and applicable speech and language tests, as well as International Classification of Diseases (ICD) billing and treatment codes will be presented. Basic treatment activities to incorporate within treatment to address the five pillars of reading instruction (phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) will be presented.

Price: $25.00 per part

Offered by University of Arkansas Communication Sciences and Disorders Program

ASHA School-Based CE Courses

Want to peruse the whole selection of upcoming ASHA courses relevant to the school setting?


Well, look no further! Just click here to see a list.

ASHA Professional Development Supervision Courses

Available until July 26, 2021

These programs were initially conducted live as part of ASHA's Supervision Symposium, held on July 25, 2017, where supervisors and supervisees from various academic, educational, and health care settings came together to learn about the supervision process from A to Z.

The first video, “Nine Building Blocks of Supervision,” covers the supervision process from start to finish for various work settings and supervision types, and the second session, “Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies for Supervision,” explores how supervisors can grow through critical reflection and goal setting. This second session was collaborative and involved small group discussion. You may wish to view this session with other supervisors and discuss it together, or you may complete it individually.

Both sessions come with comprehensive workbooks for note-taking and application of content. These two courses are offered to ASHA members at no charge as a member benefit.

Click here for more information and to access the sessions!

Cost: Free for ASHA Members

2020 CDIS Fall Conference - Feeding, Swallowing, and IDEA: Where Does the School-Based SLP Fit In?

Presenter: Vanessa Boomer, Ed. S., CCC-SLP

Date/Time: September 12, 2020 (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)


University of Arkansas Global Campus

Rogers, AR

Registration opens in July 2020. Click here to see the "Save the Date" webpage.


Vanessa is a leader focused on the trends and issues impacting special education.  She brings more than 15 years of experience to her role as lead special education facilitator for Arkansas' Bentonville High School.  Vanessa is focused on the coordination of district resources to support proper assessments, development of behavior intervention and speech impairment treatment plans, and proper implementation for specialized services.  Vanessa headed the district's safe feeding initiative and currently trains therapists across the nation through professional development and consulting.  Vanessa stays current in treatment through her private speech therapy clients.


A graduate of the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University, Vanessa holds an Ed.S. for Director of Special Education, a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and an endorsement for English as a Second Language.

Hours: 0.3 ASHA CEUs (3 hours)

Cultivating Student Success Through Effective Service Delivery (Streaming Video)

Presenter: Nancy Creaghead, PhD, CCC-SLP and others

Date/Time: Video available until 6/6/2024

School-based SLPs strive to support their students’ success in school. Two critical components of fostering academic success are: (1) provision of services that address the curriculum and (2) collaboration with teachers to make that happen. This video course will present strategies to address both of these essential activities in the context of elementary, middle, and high school settings, including examples of effective collaboration and ideas for overcoming common barriers.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

collaborate with teachers and enter their classrooms to address the curriculum
provide services that directly support elementary, middle, and high school students’ success in school
address academic needs across all elementary, middle, and high school grade levels
overcome barriers to collaborative curriculum-based service provision in schools


Defining service delivery 
The SLP’s role in addressing the curriculum: Unpacking the content standards 
Brief review of research 
Introduction to collaboration 
One teacher’s perspective 
Challenges and practical solutions 
Language goals in the classroom: 3rd grade, 7th grade, and 10th grade 
Progress monitoring 
Performance feedback meetings 

What is Included?

You'll get online access to all the course content, including the full video, handouts, and references so you can access it from anywhere!

Assessment Type

Self-assessment—Think about what you learned and report on the Completion Form how you will use your new knowledge.

Click Here to Access Registration!

Price: $96 for members, $124.80 for nonmembers

Hours: 2.5 (0.25 CEUs)

Integrate Your SLP Interventions into Classrooms Using Time-Saving Strategies to Move from a Caseload to a Workload Approach

Date/Time: On-Demand

Specifically designed for school-based speech-language pathologists, this On Demand online course is organized around video clips of a seminar presented by experienced SLP and nationally known presenter, Christina Bradburn. You’ll find dozens of practical, time-saving strategies for embedding your SLP services into the classroom and integrating students’ treatment goals with academic content. You’ll learn how to incorporate strategies, measurable goals, and inclusive practices across school settings to enhance the function, participation and learning of your SLP students!

You will learn how to:

-Implement new service delivery strategies to maximize time efficiency and student learning
-Apply constructive scheduling strategies to your own school workload
-Integrate the general education curriculum into your SLP therapy practices
-Use time-saving activities to integrate your speech and language interventions within the classroom
-Write personalized goals and objectives using time-saving strategies
-Implement strategies to build collaborative relationships with classroom teachers
-Incorporate the techniques of meaningful data collection, including, who, when, and how often

Price: $139.00

Hours: 0.45 ASHA CEUs

Date/Time: On-Demand

Missed the live broadcast? Check out the on-demand version of this program.

Robust language sampling provides a treasure trove of information about children’s syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic skills. But time is a challenge when completing this form of assessment. This webinar describes strategies busy SLPs can use to squeeze the most information from a language sample in an efficient manner. The speaker will review five essential language sampling assessment steps: Collect-Listen-Decide-Analyze-Compare.

Learning Objectives:
You will be able to:

-collect and record robust language samples
-identify areas of concern based on samples
-apply syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic analyses to examine areas of concern
-compare your analysis with parent and teacher report measures

Price: $79 for members, $103 for nonmembers

Hours: 2 hours (0.2 CEUs)

eLearning Courses on Clinical Education

eLearning Courses on Clinical Education & Supervision
School-based SLPs are needed to provide high quality clinical practicum experiences in the schools and supervise graduate students.  Providing students with positive experiences in school practicums helps SLPs stay connected to the newest research and teaching in our field and is a way to recruit new graduates to your school division.

If you already supervise graduate students or are interested in learning about supervising and clinical education, consider enrolling in CAPCSD’s Clinical Education eLearning Courses.  These courses will provide basic through advanced level information on quality clinical education and effective student-educator relationships. The Council of Academic Programs in Communication Science and Disorders (CAPCSD) now offers school-based SLPs the opportunity to participate at no charge when collaborating with university CSD programs that are CAPCSD members.

Two courses are available, each with five (5) separate modules. SLPs may take any combination of modules or complete all of them for more than 24 hours of professional development. Completion of any single module will meet the ASHA Jan. 2020 CEU requirement for 2 hours in the area of supervision.
The course titles and summary of module content are listed below. Course modules contain readings, video tutorials and interactive learning activities that you may complete on your own schedule.  AAA and ASHA CEUs are available at no cost for successful completion of each course module.

Foundations of Clinical Education:  Individual 2.5 hour modules focus on:
o    Importance Of Clinical Instruction
o    Roles And Responsibilities In A Clinic
o    Knowledge And Skills For Effective Clinical Education
o    Methods of Clinical Education
o    Evidence-based Principles In Clinical Education


Effective Student-Clinical Educator Relationships:  Individual 2.5 modules focus on:
o    Communication As A Foundational Framework
o    Learning and Teaching Styles in the Clinical Education Environment
o    Through the Looking Glass: How Personal Relationships Influence Relationships
o    Creating a Healthy Clinical Learning Environment
o    Maintaining Positive Relationships

To access enrollment codes for the CAPCSD eLearning courses, contact the university graduate training program clinical education or practicum placement administrator.
 Universities that are CAPCSD members  will provide you with information about your no-cost online registration.

Best Buy for Just $199! Just click here for more!
Get practical, holistic strategies for addressing the unique communication and emotional needs of adolescents with ASHA's just-released eWorkshops.

Access key sessions from ASHA's highly rated online conference, "Spoken and Written Language in Adolescents: Fresh Solutions." 

Learn from experts* on how to:
•    help adolescents access the school curriculum and achieve academic success;
•    work with adolescents with and without language impairments on written language; and 
•    address communication needs to help adolescents succeed beyond the classroom setting.

Choose ASHA's great-value Best Buy to earn 1.45 ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) for just $199! You can also select individual eWorkshops.

Stuttering Foundation Online Courses

Presenters: various

Date/Time: at your convenience

The Stuttering Foundation offers a variety of very reasonably priced online courses that offer 1-3 ASHA continuing professional education (CPE) units that can be acquired at your convenience.  A recently approved addition to these courses is titled "Understanding New Genetic Findings in Stuttering" presented by Dennis Drayna, PhD,  which provides an overview and update on recent research findings in the genetics of stuttering, and describes the evidence for genetic factors in stuttering and the genes discovered to date.  It discusses the function of these genes and what they tell us about the underlying causes of stuttering. 


Online Courses


ADHD & Children Who Stutter 

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering

Avoidance Reduction Therapy in a Group Setting

Basic Clinical Skills


Cluttering:  Another Look

Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence

Helping Children Changes Thoughts and Feelings About Stuttering

Implementing Cognitive Behavior Therapy with School-Age Children Who Stutter

Scoring Dysfluencies 

Sharpening Counseling Skills

Stuttering 101

Stuttering:  A Clinical Review of the Evidence

Stuttering:  A Review of Contemporary Therapies

Tools for Success:  A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Taster

Tools For Success: A Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Taster

Treating the School-Age Child Who Stutters

Using Williams’ Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Change

Working With Preschoolers Who Stutter

Prices: $25 - $55


CPE Hours:  1.0 - 3.0 per course

CPE Provider:  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Assessing and Treating Grammatical Deficits in Children and Young Adults

Available until April 2021

English grammar develops in a fairly predictable sequence, and errors are common as children learn grammar rules. Children with language impairments often demonstrate continued difficulty with grammatical morphemes. This journal self-study explores issues related to grammar development, as well as factors to consider when assessing and treating grammar deficits. Clinicians can use this information to improve intervention and optimize grammar development in children with language disorders.

You will be able to:

-identify grammatical structures that may be most problematic for children with language impairments to learn and use
-discuss factors that impact a child’s ability to perceive and produce grammatical morphemes
-describe at least three tasks that can be used to examine grammar development
-explain three treatment approaches that can be used to address grammar errors

Price: $63 for ASHA Members, $82 for nonmembers

Hours: ASHA CEUs: 0.55 | PDHs: 5.5

Provider: ASHA

PD Opportunities from the Stuttering Foundation

The Stuttering Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to stuttering research and training programs since 1947, offers ASHA CEUs online. These courses, developed and led by world renowned experts in the field of stuttering, are offered at low cost to speech-language pathologists (SLPs) worldwide. Using the latest online technology, SLPs can complete the CE courses from any place with Internet access at their convenience.

-Developed and delivered by leading experts in the field
-Focused 100 % on Stuttering
-ASHA Approved CEU provider—CEUs posted to ASHA registry
-CEUs at the Intermediate level
-Independent Study
-Two versions of each course—Video/book + CEU assessment or CEU assessment only
-Take courses and access your course history securely at anytime from anywhere in the world from Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android.
-Web based—There are no software downloads required.
-Works great on Internet Explorer (IE7+), Safari (1.2+), Chrome & Firefox (2+)

We offer two versions of every online course. The CEU Assessment Only version of each course is for those who previously purchased the course DVD or book and are now interested in purchasing access to the test only in order to earn CEUs for the material. The Video/Book plus CEU Assessment version is the complete package and allows you to study the material and immediately take the assessment to earn your ASHA CEUs.

Click here to visit the website and see PD opportunities.

PD Opportunities from

Bridge of Vocabulary

Date: Live Webinar (see link below)

Presenter: Judy K. Montgomery, PhD, CCC-SLP

Hours: 1 hour (0.1 CEUs)

Description: This course will demonstrate how to integrate evidence-based practice with short, focused, high energy vocabulary exercises for K-12 students. Learning how to increase the number of new words in therapy or in the classroom will also be discussed.

Link: Click here for more!

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Date: 2-part video (see links below)

Presenter: Marsha Lee, MS, CCC-SLP, C.O.M.

Hours: 1.5 hours (0.15 CEUs)

Description: The "Basics" of orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD) and implications for speech-language pathologists will be presented. Definitions and current research related to orofacial myofunctional disorders, related etiologies, and appropriate referral sources will be discussed. Audio-visual aids will be utilized to assist the participants in identifying an orofacial myofunctional disorder. This course is open captioned.

Links: Click here for Part 1!

Click here for Part 2!

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Date: 3-part video (see links below)

Presenter: Martha Coen Cummings, PhD, CCC-SLP and others

Hours: 1.5 hours (0.15 CEUs)

Description: This course is Part 2 of a 3-part series on pediatric reading and literacy. This course will provide a review of the 5 Pillars of Reading Comprehension, strategies designed to improve a student's reading comprehension. The course will also discuss how metalinguistic training can improve reading fluency. Videos will be shown to demonstrate examples of evidence-based treatment.

Link: Click here for more!

Language Processing Therapy for Children with a Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Date: live webinar (see link below)

Presenter: Martha Coen Cummings, PhD, CCC-SLP

Hours: 1.5 hours (0.15 CEUs)

Description: This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.This course will discuss the current research on evidence-based treatment strategies for children diagnosed with a (central) auditory processing disorder, and how the overall intervention goal will vary, depending on whether a speech-language pathologist or an audiologist is delivering the treatment. The main focus will be the demonstration (via videos) of clinical application of language processing management goals that improve active listening skills.

Link: Click here for more!

The Importance of Using Core Vocabulary Across All Settings

Date: live webinar (see link below)

Presenter: Sandra Grether, PhD, CCC-SLP and Rebecca Goldwasser, MA, CCC-SLP

Hours: 1.5 hours (0.15 CEUs)

Description: This course will focus on using a core language approach to support children in developing language. Participants will learn how to incorporate core language into both low and high tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems using case studies with children across settings.

Link: Click here for more!

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